Blade Runner Stiff Clear Coat

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Blade Runner Stiff Clear Coat

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Hello Wet Friends,

for many years after seeing the original movie "Blade Runner" I wanted that clear, coat featured in the Zhora run down scene. It is dark and wet: the scene is dark and wet, sort of spooky. ... -scifi.jpg

The coat seems to be VERY stiff; look how it seems to stand straight out

Another angle to show the plastic is very stiff. ... 1120213411

Yesterday the local fabric store was having a sale on clear plastic like you would cover your couch in. This is how I remember it was when we went to grandma's house: she was Italian. ... -Cover.jpg

It seems they all covered the couch in the 60's

Anyway, I bought 10 yards worth. So I am going to see about sewing one of these coats and I will let you see the results as soon as I am finished.


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