Husband and I (Part 33)

Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Husband and I (Part 33)

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After much going back and forward to each others flats, we decided to move in together.

The move was fairly tame but for the removal of all my PVC and rubber gear into his flat. He actually built a wardrobe to house all our fetish gear.
There were some macs I had actually forgotten about.

Anyway, we had a moving in party and invited over a few friends including Bill’s Aunt Helen and her man, my old flatmate and a few friends from my old work.

I laid on some food and drinks and had some party music on. Everybody was starting to relax and some petting was going on which I really didn’t think would happen but not my place to stop it.

Bill and I slipped into our bedroom and had more than a cuddle. Bills aunt came in not knowing we were there and found us playing about. She joined in.

After a while folks came looking for us and also found us shagging on the bed. They started to look around the room and looked in the wardrobe to see all our macs and things.

Word got out that there was a stash of fetish wear in the room and everybody came in.

Eventually all the guests were naked and trying on some of our collection of macs and boots as well as rubber wear range.

This was the green light to have a fetish orgy. Everybody was dressed in various types of rainwear and the party was well in swing.

There were folks fucking everywhere. All you could here was the moaning of the crowd and the crackle of the plastic and PVC macs as the moved in sexual beat to the fucking that was going on.

I caught a guy in the bathroom with his girlfriend and she was pissing over him as he lay down in the bath. The pee was beating of the plastic mac. He was masturbating as the warm pee fell downwards onto him. I joined them and started to pee on him also. While I was doing that his girlfriend turned and massaged my breasts through my plastic mac. My nipples were so hard they felt as if they were going to burst.

In the next room Bills aunt had put on Hunter boots and her legs were over the shoulder of a guy who was plunging his cock in and out of her squelching wet pussy. He was dressed I only a plastic mac too

Bill was sucking a guy in the corner. He was dressed in Bills rubber mac but you could only see they guys cock out the spaces on the buttoned mac. Bill was nude except for a pair of Hunter wellies. What a sight.

After much fun and frolics, all but Bills aunt left. We shared a bed between the 3 of us and eventually fell asleep.

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