Rainwear festival??

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Rainwear festival??

Post by debs37 »

With so many festivals on at this moment in time I got to thinking. What about a rainwear festival.... Im sure the good folks at pvc-u like and others could think up something.. Maybe there is one... I for one love them and im of to the Leeds festival, hope it rains.

What you all think?

Debs xx

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Re: Rainwear festival??

Post by Pvcdream »

Brilliant idea 💡 got my vote☔️☔️☔️☔️❤️

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Re: Rainwear festival??

Post by ashim2002 »

I agree with you Debs

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Re: Rainwear festival??

Post by raincoatboy »

That sounds like a good idea. I wish they had something like this in Texas. Late fall to mid spring of course.

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Re: Rainwear festival??

Post by ATheViking »

If this is going to happen, I will be happy to make a sponsorship - But I would say this should be happening in Europe somewhere :)

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Re: Rainwear festival??

Post by HeatherlovesPVC »

Great idea, could the PVC street band be booked as headliners with the Raincoats and Weather girls supporting?

;) ;)


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Re: Rainwear festival??

Post by garykane »

I'll be there.

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Re: Rainwear festival??

Post by scotty »

Has my vote as well, it would be pvc heaven.

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Re: Rainwear festival??

Post by SEWelly »

If it was timed right it could be a Rainwear and WAM bonanza - just need to find a location with some mud and the right time of year and we would be in heaven.


Re: Rainwear festival??

Post by ruboot »

Is there any chance of this happening

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