Custom made cagoule (Non explicit)

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Re: Custom made cagoule (Non explicit)

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Kaggyfan wrote: January 21st, 2023, 12:08 pm Isn't it strange what turns people on! Some like school girl hooded gaberdine raincoats, personally, if they were shiny and had an attached hood, I would find them slightly more appealing, but for me, a lovely shiny hooded kagoul is number one. Its about time the high streets started promoting them again.
Me to love a nice shiny hooded cagoule 👍👍
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Re: Custom made cagoule (Non explicit)

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Bbbbbrrrrrrrrrrr. Absolutely freezing this morning. Fortunately I have a lovely thick furry fleecy hoodie to wear under my lovely shiny puffery kagoul that arrived yesterday. Its a high shine maroony colour, puffer quilted with a thick heavy half zip and a kangeroo pocket across the front, with added pocket slits at the ends. Cost a packet but worth every euro. With both hoods on I WILL be snug as a bug in a rug. Thick ski pants and boots to look after the bottom half!
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Re: Custom made cagoule

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Raincoated wrote: August 17th, 2021, 8:30 am Being of the slightly older generation, I remember my father wearing a very noisy and shiny black oilskin when he went off fishing back in the sixties. I always thought it was part of a uniform until age 6 or 7 I was taken along with him and my grandfather to learn the art of fly fishing and with it, the wet weather dress that came as standard equipment apparently. My shiny black vinyl cagoule had a large attached hood, my child sized dark green rubber boots and nylon over trousers finished the ensemble. I was immediately aware of the different textures and smells. Finding it all rather interesting and 'nice'. Now of course I understand while fishing 'is' one of the most popular sports worldwide. Because it allows us rainmac lovers, to indulge in our passion, with a genuine reason, to dress up, to our hearts content. Personally, I find fishing boring, and always did so, but it now explains the separate wardrobe in the garage for Dads huge collection of macks, capes, cagoules, waders, boots and much more. Wading in 3 foot of water, one piece hooded vinyl suit, and more, topped off with a lovely thick shiny vinyl cagoule, hooded, of course, marvellous! Im not the only one. Half a dozen others are casting their flies. All with big silly grins on their faces. I wonder why!
Hate to admit it. But you are totally right. I have spent many a contented hour, day, night, sitting on a river bank, not giving a damn really to the bobbing float. Just miles away luxuriating in my rubbers, pvc and vinyl. Quietly and peacefully creaking away, and now more recently, camping over night, wrapped up in my rainwear. What other sport allows you to indulge in such a delightful pastime? Whats more the wife is happy cos you're not down the pub!
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