Female Flashing

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Female Flashing

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I was doing some important internet research into women doing housework in PVC when I came across an article about one that deliberately did it nude (but not in PVC) with the curtains open. I did some more important research and found quite a few articles about women who deliberately undress with the curtains open. Some admitted to putting on a show for a specific neighbour, while others hoped that someone was watching and got turned on by the thought of someone seeing them nude, but didn’t need to see if anyone was. In most instances the women went on to masterbate in private having been aroused by what they did. I find the idea of this whole topic a real turn on.

Years ago I was at a friends house with a bunch of us who all played badminton together. I asked to use the toilet and as I did I passed her bedroom with the door open. I could see her bed with black satin sheets and a huge mirror on the ceiling. Alas she was going out with someone else from the group, but I often wondered if she left the bedroom door ajar deliberately as a kind of voyerism - it certainly piqued my interest. A bit like us wearing rainwear in public and hoping for a reaction from others. Pity the sheets were satin and not PVC.

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Re: Female Flashing

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Not flashing as such but I knew of a girl who worked in a forge down in Devon. They did demonstrations to the public and she always wore her shirt with two buttons too many undone and no bra and you could see all the men craning for a good look… at the metalwork of course 😜 she knew exactly what she was doing to draw in the crowds!

Cherie x
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