This is a story i found on the Internet

Stories and fantasies about gay encounters in rainwear
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Re: This is a story i found on the Internet

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A truly wonderful story and such a beautiful description of a very special and delightful encounter between two people who enjoy that gorgeous feeling of rubber. Ah, if only....
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Re: This is a story i found on the Internet

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thank you for sharing such a lovely story...

brought back happy memories of my own rubber mackintosh experiences with older gentleman... :D
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Re: This is a story i found on the Internet

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Ohhhhh myyyyy. Reading this had me so hard I couldn't contain myself. Well written. :)
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Re: This is a story i found on the Internet

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Amazing story I hope he went back the next day :D
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Re: This is a story i found on the Internet

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Quite possibly the HORNIEST, most erotic rubber raincoat (rain mac) fetish story I have ever read ! I wish it was a video !!!!!
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Re: This is a story i found on the Internet

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rubbermac wrote: March 3rd, 2022, 10:44 am Not mine,found on the Internet

Just wish it was me.

In late 1968 I was getting on for 19 years old and had completed nearly 4 years of my apprenticeship when jack the boss said he wanted me to do small job on my own. It was a rainwater drain blockage at on of the big houses in Christchurch Road, not too far from where I lived so I cold walk there. I was to investigate determine the problem and how to fix it order all the materials from the yard and carry out a repair get every back to normal. Jack would take my tools for me in the van and I was to meet him there at 7.30 am the next morning.
When I got there about twenty past seven Jack was waiting. He told me Mr. Oliver had already left for work he was company director with one of the big manufactures in the city and I may or may not see him while I was there. Jack showed me round the back of the large grey brick Victorian house pointed out the problem area two blocked rainwater gullies one each side of the house water still laying on the path. You may have to dig it all out said jack , I will be back tomorrow. There is an outside toilet you can use down the garden and the summer house is open so you can have your lunch in there and store materials once you know what you need.
Jack left and I got started, I had my lunch at 10.00am and when I got back to work it began to rain I did not have my waterproofs with me I only had my donkey jacket and it started to pour. I was not cold so just kept on working but could feel the rain had soaked me through I was on my knees trying to dig out the second gulley when I noticed there was someone there I heard a voice say hello I am Mr. Oliver. I looked up and saw this tall man in a long shiny black mack and rubber boots his hands in his pockets and he was wearing a souwester. The rain was making a tremendous noise as it hit his mack . Oh! Good Morning Mr. Oliver I am Kit I here trying to fix your drains Sorry perhaps not so good the morning, I added. Oh I like the rain he said but you do need the right clothes for this weather and I see you do not have any. I left my waterproofs at home this morning but never mind I can still manage. Don’t just keep down there he said get up and come in for a cup of tea. Well it was by now 12.30 so Lunch was soon anyway. I stood up and looked at him he was about 6.2 tall large frame he was about 60 years old his black shiny mack tightly belted he took his hand from his pocket and I saw he was wearing shiny rubber gloves he put his hand out and we shook hands the rube gloves felt nice warm from his body heat, I had been a rubber fetish for as long as I could remember my first experience with my mothers rubberised mackintosh and since then I have been hooked. So seeing this older gentleman dressed like this was quite an eye opener.
We went into the large kitchen and he asked me to sit down on the chair which I did. But the water was virtually running out of the arse of my trousers and shot up saying sorry I have made the chair all wet. Oh dear he said you are very wet aren’t you. Never mind look have a shower get warm and dry and I will find you some dry clothes. He showed me to the bathroom which had a shower over the bath. I stripped of got in the shower the warm water was wonderful as it cascaded over me . The bathroom door opened and Mr. Oliver came in here are clean towels and something to put on he said and pilled the stuff on the radiator. He went out and closed the door I switched the water of and got out of the bath grabbing the towel ait was wonderfully warm and fluffy soft and I dried . I then looked at what he had left me to put on . To my surprise it was a old grey mack and I noticed that heady smell that old rubber macks get when they are warm, I picked it up and it was rubber lined I did not know quite what to do all my old clothes were soaked I could not go out of the bathroom naked so I pulled d the mackintosh on wow it did feel fabulous against my skin and the smell was so heavenly. I walked out of the bathroom and Mr Oliver looked at me and smiled he was still wearing his shiny black heavy rubber mack but had removed his souwester . His hair was short but thick and very grey he was a very good looking gentleman. Right now you have you cup of tea which he put down on the table and beckoned me to go round , I was a bit hesitant because the mackintosh I was wearing had given me a erection and I did not want Mr. Oliver to see me like this. But he came round the table and said come on and then looked down and saw the bulge in the mack, OH well he said you like macks too then I can see from your erection you enjoy the rubber . Don’t worry he said so do I I love the smell the feel and I am never go anywhere or do anything without wearing some rubber somewhere some rubber. He should me to the chair and I sat down my cock sticking straight up . I sipped the tea, Mr Oliver was at the sink he turned around and said Anyway I too have and erection It may well be the rubber but it may well be seeing your bulge while you wear that mack see he pulled open his heavy black SBR and I saw lager cock sticking out the had so shiny and dark purple the skin was right back I notice he had rubber trousers on with no crotch the them and I could see the beige brown lining inside his SBR. He dropped his mack back down and walked over to me stood me up and put his hand on my hard cock through the mack it felt fantastic then he lent forward put his strong arm around me pulled me to his chest and kissed my mouth. I did not know what to do I just felt so alive and I opened my mouth his tongue was in all the way I sucked it he tasted so nice his hand was touching my cock I was on fire with lust. He stopped kissing me and put his hand on my shoulders he pushed me to my knees and with his shiny black rubber gloves he undue a button on his mack and took out his erection so it was right in front of my face. He put his gloved hands on my head and pulled me forward gently I kissed the head oh his large cock and licked it with my tongue a small blob of clear liquid seemed to appear and I licked it off It was a fabulous taste I wanted more and I held his cock and put my mouth over it It was large and filled my mouth fairly full I sucked lick kissed and could not get enough of this fabulous mans penis. He grabbed my head again pulling me onto his erection every time he pushed forward my face was met with his SBR which was so soft and smelt so strong I could not get it quick enough I wrapped my arms around him holding my face against his mac his penis in my mouth when all of a sudden he jerked and his penis seemed to explode and hit thick liquid gushed into my mouth I was in absolute heaven I had never tasted spunk before but it was the most wonderful thing I had ever experienced I swallow and I swilled it around my mouth it seem to be coming out of him for ever. He eventually pulled out of my mouth as drips ran down my chin he picked me up and kissed me again his tongue seeking out any of his spunk I had not swallowed. My erection was by now so strained that I thought |I would cum there and then he looked at me and said I want you to fuck my now but you need to get me ready first. He lay on his front on the table his legs out behind he lift his SBR which I helped him with and laid the hem over his back as high as I could get it. He spread his legs wide apart and told me to lick his anus. I got down between his legs and began by licking his rubber boots the smell was wonderful the rubber warm and soft I kept rubbing my face against them in turn. I lick and kiss up his rubber covered legs until I got to his buttocks which were warm and soft I caressed them and kissed them before pulling them apart gently to expose his Anus. It was closed and looked strangely enticing, I touched t with my finger and he twitched and moaned softly I put my face between his buttocks and kissed his anal lips, he smelt lovely not shitty just so exciting the smell of rubber and sex it was gorgeous I pushed my tongue against his button and it just seemed to slide in so easily I loved the feeling of my tongue inside his warm anus it was brilliant so sexy . I licked and slurped on his rim and in his warm sweet hole making him wet and juicy until he shout out at me now put it in now. I stood up opened my mack and pushed my hard cock inside hit wet warm body God it was fantastic as I pushed into him I could feel the rubber of his trousers against me I held him tight as I plunged and in seconds I had cum jerking shouting screaming with please God Mr. Oliver you are so wonderful I want you for ever I was delirious with lust as I filled him with my cum.
My erection faded and I slipped out of him I got down between his legs pulled his buttocks apart to see my creamy spunk oozing out of his anus I pushed my finger into him it slipped in so easily riding on my cum His anus was warm and wet it felt wonderful so sexy. I put my hand between his legs and found he had a full erection again I pulled it back between his legs and sucked it and kissed it a few drops of his first orgasm came out which I lapped up.
He got up from the table and turned to face me he hugged me and again kissed me he rubbed the mack over my body and it felt fabulous then he lifted me on to the tables and pulled my mack open pushed me back and grabbed my legs pulling me forward so my bottom was just over the edge of the table. He knelt down and pushed his head between my legs and I could feel his tongue on my anus he licked it kissed it and penetrated me with his tongue I have never experience such pleasure before. The he stood up and said he was going to make love to me I was so horny again that I said I want you Mr Oliver I want you to fill me to over flowing with you gorgeous thick spunk. He went over to the door pulled it open and took from a hook a very old green pin spot rubberised mac similar to one my sister was given by our neighbour. He held it open the rubber lining was stained and very dirt but very shiny being worn so much. Here he said this will make it even better, Lift your head I did as he asked and he pull the old mack over my head so the rubber lining was against my face. The smell and feel was out of this world and my erection shot up I heard Mr. Oliver say good just how is should work. I then felt something cold and wet o my anus followed by something warm and large I new then I was about to be loved properly as His large penis pushed its way into me. God it felt fabulous I was bucking against his as he fucked me Oh and he fucked me good I loved every second of every trust every moment when his SBR slocked and sloshed and cracked as he fucked me The mack over my face was getting warmer and damper as I got more excited I was licking it smelling it pushing it against my face in my mouth god how want to be devoured by it. Mr Oliver then seemed to be still for a second or two before he shouted obscenities about rubber sex my anus piss and other things before he shuddered I I felt a sure in my anus as he came he squeezed my legs hard as he began to pump his spunk out and into my every crevice of my body. I pushed the mack away from my face I looked straight at this gorgeous man in his rubber mack hold y thighs and exploding into my body and I just shout Mr Oliver fuck me harder I love you fucking sexy man I want you in me forever fuck me Mr. Oliver fill me with you spunk eat kiss me make me you slave god you are gorgeous I. After a short time he pulled out of me leaving me still with an erection because even though I had already cum once . I sat up and I hugged him my arms around his waist as far as I could get them his rubber mack in my face the smell and feel so good. I got of the table and he asked my what Iwant to do with my hard on I asked him if he would wank my while he kissed me . So I sat on the chair he knelt down he put one arm around me pulled me forward and began to kiss me long slowy wet kiss he push his saliva into my mouth it was fabulous feeling his tongue explore my mouth his rubber gloved hand took a firm hold of my erection and he wanked me slowly I was overcome with joy it was the most fantastic thing his mouth on mine him tonguing my mouth his saliva running down my throat his rubber gloved hand wanking me O. It was not long before |I came spray my spunk up and over his glove and my belly and the lining of my mac.
After that we had a long chat and he said my clothes were dry now so I got changed he said he would drive me home even thought was not far to walk . I told him that I had had such a fabulous time and hoped very much it would rain tomorrow.
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Re: This is a story i found on the Internet

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I need to find people like this .....heaven !!!
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Re: This is a story i found on the Internet

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Lovely story
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Re: This is a story i found on the Internet

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An interesting tale ful of moments to cherish!
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