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Stories and fantasies about rainwear.
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Short story

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AI Story just experimenting with wording to see what happens

In the pouring rain, a woman confidently struts down the city streets, her birdcage umbrella in hand. She is dressed in a vibrant red PVC rainmac, buttoned tightly to fend off the raindrops and accentuate her figure. Her feet are adorned with high heels, and her legs enveloped in seamed stockings.

As she continues her journey through the streets, the rain and thunder creating an alluring soundtrack, she spots her female lover. Her lover is clad in a long black PVC raincoat, with the hood pulled up protectively over her head. Her attire is completed with high-heeled thigh boots and a black leather dress that exudes both power and sensuality.

Their eyes meet, filled with desire, as they immediately reach out for each other's hands. With clasped hands, they walk together, heading towards a nearby coffee shop. Raindrops cascade down their rainmacs, running down the rain-resistant material, as their bodies remain close together, yearning and eager.

Reaching the shelter of the coffee shop, they pull each other close, their lips finally meeting. The rain splatters around them, another layer of intensity added to their passion. Their bodies pressed tightly together, both dressed in their alluring rainmacs, they share a breathtaking, lingering kiss.

Not content with the confines of the coffee shop, they decide to venture back outside, into the still pouring rain. Under a clear umbrella, they stand face to face, bodies trembling with desire. As they find themselves locked in a long, breathtakingly passionate kiss, time seems to stand still. The rain cascading around them serves as the perfect backdrop for their ethereal connection, encapsulating their love and passion in that singular moment.
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