Neighbour woman in nylon

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Neighbour woman in nylon

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Just a little one about what happened yesterday afternoon. We have very unreliable weather here for a while, forcasts have gone wrong many days the last weeks. So to have the right cloathes on, have almost been impossible. Yesterday afternoon I took may car downtown and did some shopping. The sun was shining but some dark cloud were hanging around. When I was heading for home again, the sky opened up and a heavy shower came. Approx one km from home, my neighbour woman was walking in high speed in the rain.

Some info about my neighbour woman: don’t know if she has a fetish for nylon but she always wear shiny nylon down jackets, shiny or semishiny raingear and shiny nylon tracksuites. She buy many down jackets every year and gives away some every year. She always ask way wife if she will have her laid of jackets and sometimes my wife accepts them. I love to put those jackets on that my wife has got from our neighbour woman. Just knowing our neighbour woman has been in the jacket and that her tits have been bouncing around in it is really exciting.

Back to yesterday: I opened the window on my car and offered her a ride back home. She ran to my car and jumped in, soaking wet. She had one of her shiny nylon tracksuites on, the upper half of the jacket is made of thin, white nylon and you can almost see thru it. The lower part of the jacket is shiny black. Shiny white pants makes her tracksuit compleat.
She wears that tracksuite pretty often when we are walking our dogs and I think it’s so sexy to see her butt swinging in her shiny pants and her boobs bouncing i her jacket. The white parts of her suite is almost transparent, so if she wear dark underwear you can see it and wich color it have. Yesterday, in the heavy rain shower, her tracksuite were compleatly soaked and I could see right thru the white parts. Her red sportsbra and red panties were really shining thru her tracksuite and the thin, wet nylon were like an extra skin on her.
I drow quite slow back home to be able to look at here and when we arrived to her house, we sat talking for a while, I had so much to ask her just to extend the time. Finally she felt cold and went into her house. I had to go home and put on a thin nylon raingear and take a shower.

I really would love to have just a similar tracksuite from Nike, but they don’t sell them anymore. Maybe on second hand. Ok, they are not so waterproof, can take a light rain but not a heavy shower.
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