Pensioners and Rainwear 4.

Stories and fantasies about gay encounters in rainwear
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Pensioners and Rainwear 4.

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I have brought this series of experiences back as various members have said how much they enjoyed them. I have put them in the gay stories category as that is what they are.

So dear reader let us begin. Georgina and I were in the throes of feeling each other out. I was working at Georginas for the summer dealing with her garden. She had discovered my fetish for rainwear and all things kinky and was currently toying with me in an exquisitely cruel fashion. She had gone away for a few days and left me to take care of things at her secluded cottage in Cheshire. For those not familiar, Georgina was in her seventies and I was just under twenty.

I worked in the garden and made quite good progress. Even though I had the house keys, I spent any free time in her shed, wearing a wonderful old heavy rubber mackintosh. I didnt bother with tea breaks and instead would strip naked and pull the mackintosh tightly around me and masturbate. The aroma of the rubber and initial coolness of the mackintosh and then slowly heating up sent waves of pleasure over me. I was enjoying three or four very creamy orgasms a day. How I wish I could do that now.

Georgina returned from her trip late in the afternoon of the third day. I was at the house working so was able to greet her and carry two very large suitcases from the taxi. She was very pleased to see me, and we went into the house. "Could you be a darling and carry these two cases upstairs for me". I told her I was delighted to help. I carried the cases upstairs and put them in Georginas bedroom. Georgina walked behind me, carresing my bottom as I went up the stairs. "Thank you darling, I will be down shortly, why don't you make some tea". I was now in my usual state of arousal after her carreses. I went to the kitchen and made tea, set it on a tray and took it into her lounge. Georgina came down. She was wearing her usual daily attire of ladies trousers and a pastel pink silk blouse. The blouse was translucent and I could see her firm nipples gently rubbing against the material. She was carrying a black pvc item. "A little present for you darling". She handed me a black pvc swing mackintosh. It was a beautiful item and took my breath away. It had a large collar and the shoulders had a cape on them. "I do hope you like it". "It's just wonderful". I was lost for words. Georgina held the coat for me to try on. She glanced at my shorts and smiled, "I can see I made the right choice"....... to be continued.
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Re: Pensioners and Rainwear 4.

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Thanks for continuing the story
Broad minded enough to acknowledge we all enjoy different things:)
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