How I got here!

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Re: How I got here!

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Plasman…. Go for it! Our experiences of what drew us to women’s clothing seems very similar. Until recently I was 100% straight but adored women’s clothes, mainly because they are just so lovely compared to the lumpy boring stuff men are meant to wear. My main draw was how women could openly wear PVC skirts, leggings or raincoats as normal and look adorable. But for men they are expected to look drab and never shiny. I always include PVC in my outfits but have a white satin blouse that teams beautifully with my PVC skirt or shiny trousers. I sound confident, but this is all very much in private most of the time, but I am starting to show a more feminine side at work when I can to see how far I can go. I class myself as a cross dresser because I like women’s clothes and to look like a woman but I don’t want to be one. I’m not entirely sure what the difference is with a transvestite but I don’t identify as TV mainly because I spend most of my time dressed as a man and am happy when I am. But the allure of some high heels, stockings and PVC is never far away!

Don’t worry about my marriage, I’m a lot more comfortable being alone and expressing my own sexuality now than I was in a couple. Plus I have recently explored another side of sexuality and shared openly with a member to my great delight which are things I never expected before.

The most important question is… what is your wife’s reaction on the few occasions you have dressed as a woman? She might be open to you doing it more often than you think.

Cherie x
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