Pullover hooded puffer sought!

Do you have rainwear you want to sell or perhaps an eBay auction we should know about? Feel free to advertise it here.
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Pullover hooded puffer sought!

Post by Kaggyfan »

Hello. Has anyone got or knows where to get a shiny pullover puffer or similar. Must be hooded to fit a 42-44 chest. I had one I bought from Asos a while back but some light fingered git nicked it while I wasnt looking! Not one of you I hope! Anyway let me know. Thanks.
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Re: Pullover hooded puffer sought!

Post by Gerlid »

I’m far away and have no for sale. But I buy most of my puffer jackets second hand and there is a lot in Scandinavia. I buy for both myself and my wife. For myself, I often buy large women sizes, most brands women and men looks quite alike just a little bit different fit. Why I buy women’s jacket second hand? I like the thought that their tits have bounced around in them. So sexy when tits are bouncing in shiny nylon down jackets. And so nice to give a titty massage when they are in a nylon down jacket. So soft
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